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Womens Pink Full Finger Leather Gauntlet Gloves

$29.99 $49.99

  • Black / Pink Premium Leather Riding Glove
  • Velcro strap at wrist
  • Padded on knuckles for extra protection and comfort
  • Premium quality Cowhide Leather
  • Insulated for colder climates
Ladies, have you been looking for a way to turn some heads? Well guess what, Dream Apparel's got you covered. Crafted beautifully from naked cowhide leather, these black and pink gauntlet gloves are made to perfection. The features include a velcro strap on the wrist area allowing the most snug and adjustable fit possible. The padding on the knuckles allows your hands to not only be comfortable but also protected at all times. These gloves are very helpful and well-suited for colder weather climates so ladies, if you're ready to getwarm and standout doing so, these are the perfect gloves for you.