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About Us

As the owners of Biker General, we have been traveling the country doing swap meets and Bike rallies for over 25 years. We just changed our name from Rally Leather to Biker General but still offer the same great service that we have for all these years.  We have seen the industry go through many different changes. As a smaller company, we have been able to change quickly as the industry has. We are constantly adding new products to our inventory. 

We carry many of these products on the road. We are now making these and many other items available through our new website.

 Our goal is to provide you with the greatest customer service possible, and we've ensured that the correct people are in place to assist you. We know our products , and we stand behind all of them 100 percent.

Biker General is proud to carry only the highest-quality products from well-known and lesser-known manufacturers. We carry some of the most cutting-edge motorcycle designs on the market today, all of which meet and surpass quality expectations. Bikergeneral.com is built to make it easy for you to explore through our product selections and to ensure that your online experience is both straightforward and secure. Our shipping is quick, and throughout the week, orders are usually shipped within one day (weekends excluded). 

Remember, when buying from Biker General, you are supporting one of your own.

We are proud to be an AMERICAN owned and AMERICAN operated company.

So as they say, keep the rubber side down. 

Ride safe and Ride free.

Scott and Jenn