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Women's Black Lightweight Textile Jacket W/ Silver Stripe


  • Black textile jacket
  • Lightweight for better maneuverability
  • Beautiful silver stripe around chest and back of the jacket
  • White piping around the graphic
  • Regular lining
  • Zipout lining
  • Racer style collar
  • Multiple pockets inside and out
  • Sytle and comfort oriented
Ladies, this ones for you. Dream Apparel brings to you our beautiful black textile jacket with a thick silver stripe across the chest and back. The lightweight aspect makes this jacket very comfortable as well as great on the go. The increased maneuverability is definitely a plus. Along with that, this jacket is a very stylish option for the ladies. Inside the jacket, regular and zipout lining can be found. Lastly, the racer style collar really gives this jacket a more eye caching look. This jacket is a must have for all, so do yourself a favor and be the talk of the room.