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Teens Leather Motorcycle Jacket With Snap Down Collar

$49.99 $79.99

  • Made from Top Grade Genuine Leather
  • Snap-Down Collar
  • Half Roller Buckle Belt in the Front for Better Fitting
  • Features Side Laces for more Secure Fitting
  • Multi Pockets
  • Zippered Cuffs
Kids love to dress as their heroes, now they can dress up their outlaw counterparts. From Max Mad to "Daryl" from the Walking Dead, you can let your child's imagination go for the ride of their lives. Dream Apparel offers top quality motorcycle jackets for kids. Made from top grade genuine leather, this jacket has that lovely leather smell. To protect from scrapes and cuts with its durable material, the price is unbelievable for a quality this great. With multiple pockets to hold your loved ones toys, they will have their hands free for the important things. With the creation of a half roller buckle belt on the front end, it helps give you that fit you desire. In addition to the belt, we have also added side laces for a more secure, comfortable feeling. Always making sure our customers are happy in their leather. Zippered up cuffs to click you into the perfect fit. Snap-down collar to protect the most important parts. We love to make our customers know they are number 1, so we show it in our products.