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Pink-Rose Graphic Embroidered Leather Gloves

$29.99 $39.99

  • 100% authentic leather
  • Beautifully edged PINK rose design embroidered
  • Cotton interior allows outsanding comfort
  • Soft leather exterior built to last
  • Tightened wrist area for a snug fit
Ugh, winter can really be tough. Not much is worst than that feeling of your hands freezing but there is one thing.. not being able to find the right gloves for it. Don't be in despair though, Dream Apparel's got you covered! These gvloves were made with YOU in mind. Top tier leather met by a beautifully crafted pink and gray rose design giving you a comforable yet style-oriented yet tough feel. The fine leather exterior enables for maximum durability and protection while the cotton interior allows high level pleasure and warmth. The tight grip around your wrist betters performance and guarantees the best fit possible.