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Motorcycle Club Vest With Pockets

$69.99 $99.00

  • Mens Motorcycle Club Vest
  • Made from Top Grade Heavy Duty Soft Naked Cowhide Leather
  • 2 gun pockets with nozzle strap and button snap closures
  • 2 large chest pockets with button snap, zipper and velcro closures (multiple pockets for storage of essential items on the road)
  • 2 slip side pockets
  • Side leather straps with button snaps for adjustable waist fitment
  • Front zipper closure
  • Left zipper and button opens velcro flap with hidden slip pocket
  • Polyester liner
Into the depths of which your mind calls, all you see are roads and all you hear is the engine roaring. The ground beneath your feet as you slide along the earth going immense speeds. What kind of jacket would be the last one you buy? Vests should be able to last a long time with great endurance to fit the lifestyle. At Dream Apparel, we have created a world of leather to keep you bandaged from all the enemies on the road. Wind, rain, and the darkness of the night. Motorcycle club vests are meant to be unique but when you think of them, you see the bare bones of the leather. This is what we did, we have created the best partnership on the road, a man and his leather. Coursing through flesh and bone is the heart of a rider, the ones who live knowing that live a different life. An interesting life it is, but what kind of life if you cannot come back to the motorcycle club without your colors bleeding through your pores? There comes a vest to help you bring your heart out into the physical world. With the stylish flash of the lined interior of this vest and its absurd amount of pockets. 14 different pockets to choose from. 2 on the front, 3 hidden on the front on each side as well. Then within are 3 hidden pockets on each side, and leaving you with a gun pocket with a strap for the nozzle inside.