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Mens Vest With Side Laces Conceal Carry Pockets

$39.99 $99.00

  • Made from leather
  • This vest contains 2-inside gun pocket on both sides with strap for gun and extra strap for clip
  • Vest is Lined
  • Leather Side Laces
  • Buttoned front closure
  • 2 Outside stash pockets
  • Back is NOT single panel, has multi-panel back
Ever notice when you want to get something new, the things you pay have nothing to do with what you want. Especially buying a vest or equipment, would you ever consider all the other expenses; gas, time, convenience, strangers, and people who don’t know what they want. Why would you waste your day with that? It would be easier if it was just online for delivery. We’ve made it that easy now. We’ve been there before, shopping for a vest, and wondering why so many random details on a vest just to sell it for 3 times the profit. That is how you found yourself here, looking at this smooth, and straight to the point. Hammering down to find that vest that is comfortable, spacious, holds your most important toys and durable.