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Mens Retro Brown Leather Jacket

$129.99 $249.99

  • Made from retro brown, genuine naked cowhide leather
  • Heavy duty soft touch leather
  • 2 large interior buttoned gun pockets with elastic straps
  • Full zip-out lining runs through sleeves
  • 2 zippered vents on front, 2 on back
  • Padded buttom back piece for exact protection
  • Leather laces on sides for added comfort
  • Full one-piece back panel
  • Padded racing collar with snaps
  • Extra leather over elbows
  • Black mesh lining
  • Zippered cuffs
  • Zippered front closure
This naked cowhide leather jacket comes in a beautiful retro brown colorway. There are two interior buttoned gun pockets that are very large. Both of which feature an elastic strap which secures the barrel. Multiple air vents placed on the back and front allows increased ventilation. There's a padded bottom back piece put for extra protection. The racing collar is also padded. This jacket is a must have for any and every biker. So grab yours now!