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Mens Naked Cowhide Leather Motorcycle Jacket W/ ZIppered Closure

$134.99 $249.99

  • Made from beautiful top grade, genuine soft touch naked cowhide leather
  • Better fitting for taller men
  • 2 concealed gun pockets inside with button-snaps
  • 2 zippered front waist pockets
  • 2 rows of double piping across chest, shoulders and back
  • 2 zippered air-vents on the front and 2 on the back
  • Full zip-out lining that runs through the sleeves
  • Grommets under arms for increased ventilation
  • Racer style collar
  • Zippered front closure
  • Zippered cuffs
  • Zippered sides for adjustable fit
A fan-favorite is making it's return but now with better sizing and made to fit the taller individuals better. Style and comfort are always on our mind while making our products and this one is by no means different. Our beautiful naked cowhide leather motorcycle jacket is built to last and made from top grade durable leather. 2 concealed gun pockets can be found within the inside, both with elastic bands to secure the strap. Also, the front has two zippered waist pockets which is always convenient. Stratgically placed air vents can be found, both on the back and front of the jacket which increase your ventilation options and give you an oppurtunity to breathe. Also, two rows of double piping is placed along the chest, shoulders and back. The racer style collar gives off a very modern look to allow a more stylish approach. Along with this The grommets placed under the arms are also there to increase ventilation. The front closure is zippered and easy to use. The zippered cuffs include button snaps so you can put them to your liking. Also, the lining can indeed be zipped out and removed. The zippered sides make sure you have the most adjustable fit possible. This jacket is a must have option for you, so grab yours now!