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Mens Lightweight Cargo Vest


  • Light Weight
  • Reflective Stripe on Front and Back of Vest
  • Multi Pockets In and Out
  • Cell Phone Pocket
Riding down the road, smooth and relaxed. Having a leather mesh cargo vest that’s able to breathe for you. Feeling cool and relaxed, having the mesh get that breeze right to where you are heated up the most. Getting you to that zone where it is just you and the road. Its light weight set to make feel comfy in all temperature. To the reflective strips on the front and the back to ensure people will see you in the middle of the night. To keeping your hands free, there are added pockets, inside and out. It was important that you had your hands free so there is a direct pocket for your cell phone. With this top in your arsenal, you are going to grab all the attention.