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Mens Bomber Jacket With Z/o Lining

$99.99 $149.99

  • Made from Top Grade Genuine Leather
  • Soft / Medium Weight Jacket
  • Features a Z/O Lining that runs through the Sleeves
  • Elastic Waist
  • Multi Pockets Outside and Inside
  • Classic Collar
  • Snap-on Cuffs
Revving your engine on the road as you feel more air pushing down on your chest. The calamity of what you and your bike entitle to do upon the roads ahead are all unknown. All that is known is that you in your ride are a match like no other. The look and feel of the jacket is entertaining and pleasurable, making you want to keep it close. Loving the fit of your jacket, and if you have issues, you can always adjust it to fit even better. With the ingenuity of great craftsmen, this jacket forming out of top grade genuine leather shows itself in the spotlight. With its soft medium weighted jacket, you will feel the thunder of leather on your shoulders. Elastic waist to keep everything fit and cozy inside while giving you the fit feel you've always wanted. Never forget the comfort of the zipped-out lining that runs through the sleeves to pack you into the most comfortable ride of your life. A selection of pockets could be found on the panels of the front and inside of this truly handy jacket. The suave classic collar gives off you the look you've been trying to get, a bit of an outlaw and stylish. Just snap on your cuffs and you'll be set.