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Men's Black Denim Club Vest W/ Gun Pockets

$49.99 $99.00

  • Men's club vest
  • Made from beautiful top quality, genuine black denim
  • Comfort and style oriented
  • 2 zippered chest pockets
  • 2 slip pockets on waist
  • 2 large zippered pockets on inner top
  • 1 zippered pocket on the inside lower left
  • Small slip pocket on inner lower right
  • 2 snapped gun pockets with elastic bands to secure barrel
  • Snapped and zippered front closure
While trends in fashion seem to come and go, some just seem to never die out. One of those timeless trends just so happens to be denim. Regardless of color or style denim just stands out and gives you more authority. This beautiful black denim club vest is by no means different. If you're into pockets and multiple storage options you will not be disappointed! The chest area features two zippered pockets, boh equally deep. Followed by that, two slip pockets can be found on the waist. Inside the vest is more of the same. Three zippered pockets are placed, two being identical on either side as well as a smaller one on the bottom. Along with this, a small slip pocket is also available which is very convenient with the easiest access. Lastly, both sides feature a gun pocket with elastic bands placed in order to secure the barrel. The dual opening system ensures a more secure opening, by placing the snapped opening followed by the zippered opening. Overall this jacket is a great buy so don't miss out.