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Mens Black Canvas Motorcycle Vest, Conceal Gun Pockets

$39.99 $59.99

  • Made from heavy-duty black canvas
  • This vest contains a gun pocket on both sides with strap for gun and extra strap for clip
  • 2 Additional interior pockets with button snaps
  • 2 Outside stash pockets
  • Buttoned front closure
  • Leather side laces for adjustable fit
  • Full back panel to accommodate patches
  • Stylish pleating on front
  • soft denim lining
Cruising on your badass bike, feeling the wind blowing. The ROAR of your bike demanding everyone’s respect, but when the people around you ask What crew? You have no way of representing your crew! Dream Apparel released a men’s black canvas motorcycle vest with two Total Concealment Quick Draw Pockets. In each of the pockets feature a strap that will hold the gun in place while riding, and underneath that strap there is another for the magazine of the gun. The lined vest includes leather side laces to help adjust for a better trip. Finally, there are four snaps to close the vest.