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Leather Vest Extender W/ Chrome Chain - Shotgun Shell Lettering Graphic

$5.99 $8.99

  • Vest Extender
  • Gorgeous Shotgun Shell lettering to show support for firearms
  • Chain Length: 4"
  • Diamond cut chrome chain
  • Dual Metal Chain
  • Authentic Leather
  • Total Length: 6.5"
Sometimes you're just looking to have an extra piece of the pie and with out vest extenders, you'll have just that. Vest extenders are a great way to change up you look while still prioritizing on comfort and style. These in particular lets you show your support for firearms with the piece saying shotgun shell gorgeously engraved in it. Diamond cut chrome chain is vey strong and duable and the leather is definitely an eye catching addition. Don't missout, grab yours today.