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Gel Palm Riding Fingerless Deer Skin Gloves Full Panel

$29.99 $69.99

  • Black Leather Gloves
  • High Quality Deer Skin Leather
  • Beautiful 3 slash design
  • Gel in palm
  • Ideal for riding
  • Heavy duty material built to last
  • Snug fit
There is a night and day difference between a pair of good gloves versus a bad pair. Knowing this, Dream Apparel's main priority is to provide the best for our bikers, this ones for you. We'd like to introduce our all new beautiful black gloves made with top grade deer skin leather. A unique design is featured on the top using three slashes that slightly intent the gloves giving it an even more toughened look. The gloves have a snug fit making sure you're comfy while riding. Very good for the cold weather. If you want to keep that stylish persona going and add comfort to the mix, these are perfect for any of you ladies.