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Black And Orange Fringed Pool Black Ball8 Get Back Whip

$39.99 $79.99

  • Get Back Whip
  • orange and black hand-braided leather around a nylon core
  • Gorgeous black pool ball with the number 8
  • Black and orange threaded fringe on the end
  • Solid, stainless steel heavy duty quick-release panic buckle
  • Tight, black leather wrapping near end
  • 42" Long
  • Pool ball8 size: 2.25 Diameters
  • Clasp diameter 3/4" x 3/4"
Traditionally worn by outlaw bikers on either the brake or clutch lever to display their allegiance to their clubs and if necessary, quickly released and used as a whip to urge someone to "get back." Now, we included a stylish addition, this gorgeous black and orange get back whip features a black and white pool ball with the number 8 on it. An amazing 42" of authentic hand-braided naked cowhide leather fastened to a stainless steel quick-release clip. The chrome clasp quick release is very durable and built to last with easy to use opening and closing. The black and orange fringe design is very eye catching especially while you're riding. Don't miss out, grab yours now.