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Alligator Quick Release Clip With Snap Set


  • Alligator quick release helmet clip
  • Fits any sized helmet strap
  • Large chrome button snap
  • No sewing required
  • Beautiful cotton sleeve can be placed on chrome snap
  • Rubber strap ensures helmet stays in place throughout the whole ride
  • Comfort oriented
We'd like to introduce a beautiful addition to our collection. Our fan favorite alligator quick release clip is back and features much needed improvements. To start off, the metal quick release can now be covered up with a soft cotten sleeve that will ensure much more comfort. A small rubber strap is another addition, giving you the oppurtunity to prevent your helmet from loosening. Both of these new features blend completely in, and are guaranteed to give you a better riding experience. This product is easy to use, and fits virtually any sized helmet strap. The large button snap makes securing to any style ring simple and hassle free. And best of all, no sewing is required at all. Grab yours now.