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25" Inch Long Chrome Looped Skull Biker Chain

$14.99 $29.99

  • Looped Skull Biker Chain
  • 25" Inch Long
  • Beautifully designed skulled in the center of the chain
  • Lobster Clasp for easy attachment and detachment
  • Amazing choice for wallets, keys, and other essensials
  • Heavy Duty Ring Attached
A classic look with an added twist. The chrome loops give it a familiarity in the biker world while the skull placed in the center makes it all the more appealing. The 25" inch long length makes this chain perfect for just about any biker. A lobster clasp to make the attachment and detachment process easier. Beautifully designed skull will be sure to stand out in any scenario. All in all this chain is any bikers dream come true.